Making money from your music

A DJ set is a creation, and making one is an art form.

However, whether it’s copyright issues, poorly matched distribution channels and biased monetization practices, or even misunderstanding of how people listen discover and share DJ sets - the result is the same:

The major online music platforms do no award DJ’s  with the compensation they deserve for their sets.

Freq Music changes that and re-awaken the industry in the process.

How to make money with Freq Music

Get your share of the subscriptions

Freq Music splits the lion's share from its paying members fees directly with channel owners.

Create your BackStage pass

Create your own paying members club, offering unique engagements and activities.

Revenue sharing from the first cent

Create more channels, use your archive smartly. The bigger share of voice, the bigger $$$ you earn

Sell anything you want

You can sell music, tracks, events and other merch, host online parties and more.

You will keep all earnings, munis billing and per product operating costs.


You pay your bill, we pay ours


You only pay for hosting once you start getting revenues coming in.


Pay as you go plans - if more people listen, you would pay more (which is actually a good thing)


Separated billing cost per transaction to make it transparent.

Royalties payment and distribution

FREQ Music  will pay relevant royalties to listed artists from its revenues.

Processing fees

Certain processing costs may apply per case