Gain followers, make them count

DJ's, clubs, festivals are all connected to their fans via their music. And electronic music is listened in DJ sets.  And your DJ set is your musical ID.

Promoting it smartly is the key to making yourself known and getting acknowledged.

Recognition should be directly reflected in your bottom line.

Get more exposure

Reach more audiences

Stream your music in a dedicated mobile app and reach more audiences, gain exposure and get discovered.

Collaborate with other artists and channels

Play sets showcasing other artists or share your music with other channels.

Get recommended by other channel owners and gain more exposure.

Keep the number of plays

Whether listeners hear your music in your channel or on others' channels - you both keep the commulative number of plays.

Build a cataloge

Build your own catalogue using your existing DJ sets, collaboration with other artists and playing in different clubs and festivals.


Smartly promote yourself

Engage fans and followers

Send your fans unique incentives, 

coupons, guest lists, invites and other perks.

Send notifications

Communicate with your followers on the app - notify them of your new sets, channels, gigs or anything you want.

Get more gigs

Get discovered by more clubs and venues - and get booked more.

Promote to your social 

Smartly grow and manage your subscribers. 

Link to your specific channel, set or track

With our smartlink lead system you can choose  to send your fans to your channel, your set or track, even within a set. 

Advanced in-app promo tools

Exclusive tools to further promote your music and channel within the app