Why Partner with FreqMusic

What is FreqMusic?

FREQMUSIC is a new way to promote and monetise DJ sets. With the unstoppable rise of Dj culture, our platform specializes in giving you the best listening experience when streaming your favourite Dj sets, whether recorded live or in the studio, and lets DJ’s, promoters and labels, receive sustainable revenues directlyfrom their fans.

Why is FreqMusic good for DJs, Promoters and fans of electronic music

FreqMusic is a platform that connects (a) DJs, (b) Festival and Club promoters, and (c) Fans of electronic music - all together in one place. For Fans, FreqMusic is a new way to experience, listen, discover and share DJ sets. It is a freemium model, where fans will get some content for free, in order to gain access to all the platforms content , fans will have to pay a subscription fee.
For DJs and promoters and such, FreqMusic is a real game changer. DJs will get paid the money they deserve through monetizing their DJ sets.
Promoters will finally have a platform where they can add a new stream of revenues to their business, and get more fans and followers for their brands and gain direct contact to them.

How does FreqMusic work?

FreqMusic is a music platform that contains user generated content (UGC). DJs and promoters and others, who have the right to do so can upload their long DJ sets onto FreqMusic. We call them Partners or Channel Owners.
Partners can curate multiple channels, connect them to each other so as to promote them and to increase their audience reach, and create in the process a relationship map most relevant for them.
Each channel is a self contained revenue center.
As a channel owner, you can curate your own channel, engage with your fans and followers directly, and also create a premium, subscription-based members club (what we call a Backstage Pass).

So can I upload anything? What about intellectual property rights?

In an nutshell, the answer is yes, you can upload any content that you desire, so long as you
have the required rights to do so, in much the same way as you would on other platforms that
contain user generated content.
In more detail, FreqMusic operates under blanket licensing schemes with rights owners of musical compositions and sound recordings for uses made in their content. Further, given that the content on FreqMusic is user generated, we expect our users to upload only content that they have the rights to do so. Saying that though, given that with user generated content we
do not have knowledge as to whether content uploaded to FreqMusic contains infringing materials, we have put in place mechanisms that protect the rights of content owners and that are streamlined with the law including The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and Article 17 of the European Directive on Copyright and Related Rights in the Digital Single Market.

Does FreqMusic pay rights holders?


FreqMusic respects the rights of rights holders and as such we are creating a platform with user generated content that does just that:

  1. Our members will act in good faith in their dealings both with content, other members and our platform.
  2. Content uploaded to our platform will be non-infringing.

How do DJs, promoters and others make money from with FreqMusic?

By creating a channel or several, partners have the chance to generate substantial income. unparalleled to any streaming platform. We do this through Revenue Sharing and Fan Direct Programs such as the Backstage Pass.
When Fans (aka Listeners) purchase our Unlimited Bundle, they also gain access to all the content available on the platform and they can hear all the DJ sets in all the Platform’s channels. With FreqMusic, Channel Owners will be splitting their share of subscription fees between themselves. Each channel will receive a proportional share from the revenue according to the channel’s traction (such as, how many followers the channel has).
We will only deduct billing and operating costs, but the vast majority of the revenue will go to the Channel Owners.
We believe that you have the right to get paid as people are also paying to hear your curative and creative talent.
A second source of major income is the Backstage Pass.
Channels can offer a BackStage Pass to their fans and followers, combining that with other digital goods and services. It is like a VIP club, where fans will pay an additional subscription that in return will give them closer access to unique perks.
Channel owners would keep 70% of the revenues from such additional subscription.

Do partners have more ways to make money with FreqMusic?

FreqMusic is a music commerce platform. Partners can sell goods and services, not only subscriptions to access music. Eventually, it will allow you to sell just about anything to your fans: from your own branded T shirts and other merch, through selling tickets to live shows and to even selling music albums and tracks.

How does FreqMusic differ from its competitors?

FreqMusic has combined features create an echo system unlike any other music platform. You can upload your own DJ sets directly. Channel owners can monetize the DJ sets themselves (and so not only the tracks will earn income). Fans get to hear the best quality, most updated DJ sets, and all those involved will really be getting paid on the playing of DJ Sets. You can run multiple channels and smartly maximize your content archive. Channel owners get a sustainable revenue share from subscriptions. The Backstage Pass offers Channel Owners additional sources of income paid directly to them.

How can FreqMusic help me clear my music

There will be situations where the above is not possible to achieve. It is our goal to find practical and workable solutions where required. We have therefore put in place a number of mechanisms that seek to both protect and allow growth for us all – members, rights holders and FreqMusic: 1. Sound Recognition Software:

Prior to integration into the platform all content uploaded will be scanned by sound recognition software, approved by rights holders, to identify content/copyright ownership and its legal status.

2. Blanket Licensing Arrangements:

Blanket Licensing Arrangements with rights owners or their representatives will cover both musical compositions and recordings contained in content uploaded to the platform.

3. DMCA & Art. 17:

Procedures that protect the rights of content owners and that are streamlined with the law including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and Article 17 of the European Directive on Copyright and Related Rights in the Digital Single Market.

4. Member Pact:

A Member Pact to allow the internal resolving of disputes through mediation facilitated by the platform so as to avoid costly and at times highly confrontational external dispute resolution mechanisms.

5. Random Content Monitoring:

Internal procedures to randomly monitor content uploaded to Channels on the platform.

6. Dedicated Support:

Our availability to address the queries and concerns of our members from around the world.