"For DJs, promoters, agencies, and labels - Freq Music is a real changer"

Below please find the full transcript of the interview made with Freq Music co-founders, Yoav Burg & Rel Nadel


I’m joined by Rel and Yoav, both heavily involved in the electronic music industry and in online businesses for more than 30 years each...now, they have joined together to found a new start up, FREQ Music. 

Hi Yoav - Hi Rel - first tell us, what is Freq Music all about?

YOAV: FREQ will let you listen to DJ sets in the highest quality online, and with a unique product experience unlike any other. It gives you smart ways to discover more music and share it with your friends.


But for DJ’s, promoters, labels or agencies - FREQ is a real game changer. FREQ is their chance to finally get paid the kind of money they deserve.


REL: I want DJs to be recognized for their art.  In the major platforms operating today DJs do not get paid for DJ sets.

We are changing that.


So how can DJ’s make money with FREQ Music?

YOAV: With FREQ, every DJ can create their own music channel, upload their DJ sets onto it - and get paid by selling direct-to-fans subscriptions. 


In addition, channel owners would enjoy their share in the total revenues generated by FREQ members. It is almost like a collective.


Digital music is an 8 billion dollars a year industry? 80% of revenues come from streaming. 


YOAV: And you know how much DJs earn from that? Almost nothing, 0. The system is not working for you. Others rake in all the money.

The top DJ’s have many more fans worldwide than most current pop and rock stars, and just as many millions of plays.

DJ’s - as well as promoters, clubs, festivals and others - are responsible for what we hear in the electronic music genre. They are the influencers of that “tribe”.

With Freq Music, having a big fan base and millions of plays can finally get translated into money.

Due to various reasons, DJs do not get paid for DJ sets online. And as a direct result, Fans do not get to listen to updated DJ sets.

Freq Music creates the economy that incentify DJs to upload their best music - and for fans to get access to it.


How much money could a DJ potentially earn?


YOAV: Let's say you are a DJ or a promoter. Set up a channel.

Let’s say a channel owner has around 10,000 paying subscribers. It's just a small percentage of your fans and listeners. Those subscribers alone could end up making you anywhere between $120,000 to $160,000 a year.


But there is more.

Depending on your channel traction a channel owner is entitled to a share from what FREQ Music members pay for all the channels in combined partners plans.

And as the numbers of total subscribers will grow - it would add to much more.


In addition, as a channel owner, you will be able to engage your fans directly, and sell them many things. Like T-shirts with your logo, and other merch. Freq music is designed to get DJs more fans, more advocate followers.


Unlike any other platform - you keep almost all the money you earn. 

We would only deduct the cost of providing the service.

It’s your music. Your business - your money. 


What about those artists who don’t have such a large user base, where do they stand?


YOAV: Yes, with FREQ you can monetize from your music, AND you can also smartly promote yourself, getting more fans to listen to you by co-creating a channel, collaborating with popular channels with a bigger fan base.

Even actively promote yourself within the FREQ platform itself and reach new audiences.

And even get more gigs - offline.


REL: DJs want to promote themselves through their music - and they want to make money.

And this is what FREQ intends to do - online and offline.


DJ’s today make the majority of their money from live gigs. How do you see DJ’s getting better, more frequent gigs, through the FREQ music platform?


REL: FREQ brings together DJs and Fans - and brings together DJs and Promoters.

We are setting up a unique marketplace where a promoter can find an available DJ. 

With our database gathered. We will know how to better connect DJ and promoter and book more gigs.


FREQ Music provides promoters with access to more DJs. Promoters get professionally exposed to more DJs and more music.


I see how promoters can book better gigs, better than they ever thought they could. And those new crowds in turn become fans of those new DJs - and so the circle expands in that way, doesn’t it.


REL: Promoters are busy running their events, from top to bottom As a promoter - you are looking for a platform to grow your brand, promote it and make money from it. You need one, single platform where you can do it all.

FREQ Music becomes your hub, starting from your music ID, to engaging your fan community and directly increasing your event revenues and the efficiency of your marketing efforts.


We’ve talked about the DJs, the artists - but what happens to the labels and agencies in the face of FREQ music.

YOAV: If you are a label and you feel you are not earning according to your potential, you’re probably right.

The current world is much different than it was only a few years ago.

Labels were kings of the business. 

Today, labels are always in the search of new business models. Some have combined agencies with labels in order to maximize potential income.


You guys in the label business have a unique combination of talent: you understand music curation and you understand business.


FREQ music has developed its platform with you in mind. A place where you can promote your DJ’s, your music, and create a business hub for your activity.. Get discovered by more fans and more venues, creating your specific music ID, getting more traction, subscribers and even more gigs.

Yoav, you have been Wix creative director for the last 8 years, and you carry 25 years of experience int he Internet business. 

Rel, you yourself have over 30 years of experience in the electronic music industry.

YOAV: Yes, I've see Wix grow from few hundreds subscribers to millions, and was responsible for leading the product marketing and creative of the Wix. In fact, the founders Wix and some its leading members are our initial inverstors

REL: I have lots of experience building music brands, and I know what it takes to connect DJs, fans and promoters to one community, Together I believe we hold all the keys to make this unique platform great success globally.

So essentially, FREQ music is the offspring (love child?) of the likes of say, Amazon and Spotify...


YOAV: FREQ music is a disruptive platform.

It aims to reconstruct the way music is currently consumed and made money from.

A platform where influencers of music can promote their music and brands - and make real money. And we want more listeners to enjoy electronic music in its true set form everywhere - online and offline.

We remove all barriers and approach this challenge from a new perspective.

In some ways it's like a shop for sellers of music just online: you open your channel - aka your shop; you bring in your “goods”, your music. 

You promote it across the platform and outside of it - and start selling.

FREQ Music takes care of all the hassle: we provide you with the best streaming app, with a product experience specifically tailored for listening to long DJ sets.

We take care of any technological challenges on the way to make sure that the listening experience is exceptional.

We take care of the royalties distribution - to make sure all artists, songwriters and performers will get their fair share as well.

We handle support issues with fans, billings etc.

In a nutshell, FREQ Music is a new online platform that seeks to both disrupt and re-awaken the existing electronic music industry after too many many years of stagnation.