Freq Music is a revolutionary platform, making it possible to monetize and make money from DJ sets

In today's world, the real music influencers and tastemakers are the DJ's, the club promoters and festivals',  record labels and agencies. Together they are responsible for bringing their music to the massive audiences, who follow them. 

It's about time they get their get a sustainable income in the digital, with an online platform they can call their business HUB.

 Set up your music e-commerce shop 

You bring your music, we take care of the rest.

Stream your music directly to your fans

Create your own channels with music you upload across multiple platforms: iOS app, android and desktop.


Promote yourself the way it works

Reach new audiences and get more followers with our smart marketing and promo tools.

Set up your own private members club and offer yo

Monetize your music and curations

When you open a channel and get subscribers, you keep all that money minus our operation costs, earning tenfold of what you might currently earn just streaming. (on top of the royalties you get)